A new fall semester has begun and those in school are back on campus! 

Our college life group will be meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Gateway gym.  Each week, we gather together for dessert, fellowship, and a time of conversation-based study.

NotYetMarried.jpgCurrently, we're studying Not Yet Married by Marshall Segal.  This book is about how to glorify God in singleness and in dating.  We've journeyed through the first part of the book focusing on being content in the gift of singleness and using singleness for the glory of God.  Now we're studying the portion of the book focused on how to date for the glory of God.  This part of the book delves into the purpose of marriage and the aim of dating, giving several valuable principles to apply.  It's a very challenging study and has led to great discussion.

Please let any college age people you know about Gateway's college group!
  We would love to fellowship with them and disciple them towards Christ!