Gateway takes seriously our responsibility to keep kids safe.  We desire for Gateway to be a place where children can learn the Gospel and know we care for them.

Many steps already have been in place to protect children here.  For example, all who work or volunteer with minors at Gateway undergo state and national background checks.  In addition, safety protocols and policies are in place for all volunteers and a "director on duty" oversees the children's areas.  Over the past two years we also have added video surveillance in every classroom, hall, and gathering space on campus (even the playground!) with active monitoring during church events to help protect children from harm. 

We are excited to let you know about our newest addition to children's safety on campus that began in early February .... kiosk check-in for all preschool classes! 

The preschool wing of the building is now limited access to approved volunteers and children who have been checked in through the kiosk system.

Parents, when you arrive on campus, stop at the kiosks in the preschool lobby.  Just enter the information requested on the screen and then select which children you are checking in for that service or event.  A name tag for your child and a security pickup tag for you will print.  Put the name tag on your child and keep the pickup tag with you.  You will need to present it to pick up your child. 

To help check-in work smoothly for you, please make sure your Gateway online profile is current in all information for you and your children. 

If you plan to visit us for the first time, feel free to go ahead and click here to create an account for you and your children.  With that information provided, check-in will be quick and easy when you arrive on campus.  However, we are glad to help you with that process when you arrive.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to invest in the lives of children at Gateway!