UPDATE:  April 5, 2021

Gateway Family,

We recognize our deep need for community and the importance of the body of Christ gathering together.  Yet, we also recognize that the coronavirus situation continues.  As such, we want to reaffirm to you our commitment to your safety and let you know options available for you related to our Sunday morning gatherings.  Three distinct options are available for our Sunday morning gatherings:

  1. Worship In The Sanctuary  (now fully reopened)
  2. Worship In The Student Center Rooms (with covid precautions in place)
  3. Worship From Home via Live Stream

Read below about each to help you decide which is best for you.  Additional precautions and information about childcare are available below as well:


For those who would like to worship with us in-person in the sanctuary, the sanctuary is now open at 100% capacity as it was before covid. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations are available by both sets of doors that go to the parking lots.

  • Masks are not required.  However, if you want to wear a mask, please feel free to do so.  They are available at the table near the sound booth in the back.


For those at higher risk or who prefer extra precautions, yet who want to be on campus with us, the student center rooms in the gym building is setup to provide you a space to worship together with others, but with additional precautions in place. 

For the student center "live stream" setup you will find these precautions in place:

    • A large space for individuals and families to practice social distancing.
    • Masks are encouraged in this area.
    • Please no hugging or shaking of hands.

To enable you to worship with others in this space:

    • The service will be shown live on a large TVscreen
    • Childcare still is available for participants (see below). 


We continue to provide a live stream of the weekly worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.  You are encouraged to worship with us from home if:

    • You are in a higher risk category for covid and its potential affects on you
    • You are sick, or concerned you could be becoming sick
    • You have been exposed to covid in the last 10 days

The live stream begins 10 minutes prior to the service on these platforms:


Childcare is available for on-campus participants.  It is available during the service for birth through K5.  To help keep children safe:

  • We ask that if your child is sick or not "feeling like themselves" (which could be an onset of sickness), please worship from home.
  • If anyone in your family has been exposed to covid in the last 10 days, please do not use childcare.
  • Every child's temperature will be taken before going to their class.


  • BULLETINS / OFFERING PLATES - We will not provide bulletins or pass offering plates.  Offerings can be given online.  In addition, drop boxes will be available on the table in the back of the sanctuary and in the lobby of the gym building.

  • HAND SANITIZER - Wall mounted hand sanitizing stations are provided by every entrance.  Please clean your hands before and after you touch anything on campus.

  • NOTE ABOUT VENTILATION - The HVAC systems for the sanctuary building (sanctuary, preschool classes, hallways, restrooms, and offices) have UV light air purification in them.  The air circulating throughout that building is disinfected before it blows back into the rooms.

  • SUNDAY BIBLE STUDY GROUPS - Small groups continue at 9:00 a.m. with both online and in-person options available.  Click here to learn more about groups available both in-person or online!

Thank you for your assistance in helping us provide a safe worship gathering as we seek to continue corporate worship while slowing the spread of the coronavirus!  We hope to see you in person or via the live-stream this Sunday morning!