Join us for our 4th annual Christmas service project and movie night on Wednesday, December 7, at 6:00 p.m.!  Our service project, movie, and fellowship time is for all ages, and is a great way to serve others locally and globally, while deepening friendships within the church family.   Children, youth, college students, and adults all will be together in the gymnasium for this fun evening. 

We will begin the evening with the service project:

  • LOCALLY - We will prepare "goody baskets" to deliver to two groups in our city.  Some baskets will go the teachers and administrators at Capital Heights Middle School where we regularly serve.  In addition, we also will provide baskets to several local fire stations that work hard but often go unnoticed.  Join us for this special way to serve others during the holiday season.  Please bring cookies, brownies, breads, and sweets on Wednesday evening.  If possible, package your treats into half dozen or dozen quantities to make dividing the items into the baskets easier.  We then will work together to prepare the baskets.

  • GLOBALLY - We will make home-made Christmas cards to send to an orphanage in Kenya that is a new missions partnership for us.  It will be a special way to encourage kids overseas during the holiday season.  Everything you need will be provided for you.

After preparing the cards for the orphans and the goody baskets for teachers and first-responders, we will enjoy watching a classic family Christmas cartoon on a giant, inflatable screen in the gym!  There will be popcorn and hot chocolate through the evening as well.

Bring your family and friends and join us for this fun evening serving together!