Attention Scholars:

You are hereby “drafted” into “Camp Gateway!” The program is a once a week interactive study of the American Civil War lead by “Captain” John Schneider. Every Monday beginning June 11 for eight weeks, Camp will be in session from 0900-1200 hrs at the church facility. It is open to scholars, rising 4th graders and up. You will have a unique educational opportunity to re-fight the great battles as participants, not observers. The goal is to display how God works in American culture even through trying circumstances.

The Captain will also teach hands-on pioneering skills. Fun and learning are guaranteed or your money back! (BTW, there is no fee.) To “enlist,” contact  “Captain” Schneider ( at 277-3294; John Wible at 414-2853 (; or “Headquarters” (the church office) 272-9494 (


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