Gateway has had a long history of ministry to and with the military stationed at Maxwell-Gunter AFB in Montgomery and through the schools related to Air University.  A large number of Gateway’s members and leaders are either active duty or retired military and we have a good understanding of the challenges and rewards of military service for the entire family.  We have always had open arms to the military families that have been a part of our church and, whether you are with us for a year, three years, or longer, we would love to help you grow closer to Christ, grow stronger as a family, and grow in the unique gifts and callings that God has given you as you participate in the life and ministry of our church for the glory of God.

We believe that every Christian who is a member of the military has a unique opportunity to serve God as a missionary wherever He may send you.  As you travel from assignment to assignment, you can take what you have learned in each location and be a blessing to others.  Our hope is to help you along the journey.  We pray that you will be stronger and better equipped in your Christian life and ministry after you leave Gateway than when you first arrived. We want to partner with you in your military career and help you be a disciple of Jesus and also help others to know the Lord as well!

We have many small group opportunities for every member of the family.  From Sunday School classes, to youth group, to Bible Studies, to LIFE Groups and missions opportunities, our prayer is that your time at Gateway will be one of the most rewarding and fruitful spiritual experiences of your life.  We pray that you will grow to love God more, love people sacrificially, and do that everywhere you go, to the ends of the earth!

One of our previous pastors, Gary Sanders, founded the Military Missions Network in 2002-2004.  This ministry exists to help connect members of the military with churches throughout their career so they can continue in their discipleship journey.  Gateway continues on in that spirit and with that goal.