Gateway’s leadership is based on the staff/elder/congregational approach.  We have have a group of elected elders who serve as pastors and shepherd within our church to help people walk with the Lord and to help guide the church in its affairs.  The elders work with the pastoral staff and the congregation to hear from God and discern the direction that God would have us go.  The pastoral staff works with the elders to help lead the church.  The role of the pastoral staff is to initiate ministry, while the elders work to refine and shepherd the church in the direction that God has called us to go.  The Senior Pastor works with the other staff and elders to carry out the vision/mission of Gateway, which is to “Love God and Love People to the Ends of the Earth.”

Gateway believes in a plurality of leadership.  No one man dictates which direction we are going to go.  We work together, pray together, submit one to another, and seek to make decisions on the basis of consensus.  When relationships are good (as God commands our relationships to be), this approach is possible.  We have seen this work well at Gateway, as our first priority is to love one another sacrificially. 

Gateway is also served by a great group of Deacons.  They are the lead servants in our church and they help lead the body out in the ministry of service to one another as well as to our community.  The Deacons lead several ministries at Gateway and they are also elected by the congregation.

The Congregation exercises leadership through Ministry Teams which exist to carry out different ministries in and through Gateway.  Ministry Teams meet periodically to pray, plan, and seek to carry out the ministry of our church.  Any church member can be on a ministry team.  Just express interest in a certain area and talk to the the team leader.  In most cases, if possible, a place will be made for you to serve in your area of interest.

All big decisions are made through cooperation between the elders and the congregation.  We seek to work together.  The elders will submit major decisions to the congregation for approval and give the congregation time to pray, ask questions, discuss, and make suggestions before we move forward with a vote.  Big decisions include, but are not limited to, building projects, budgets, hiring new staff, and major capital expenditures.

In all of our leadership, we seek to honor God and reflect what He is doing in our church and in our community as we love one another.